Sustainability is an important concept for every business to consider, as it can encompass a wide range of goals related to environmental protection, social justice, and economic efficiency.

Through sustainable focused practices and activities, we have reduced our environmental impact and improved our long-term financial health. Additionally, these practices help promote the well-being of employees, customers, partners, and the local community.

We have implemented measures to conserve energy and water consumption in the workplace and have focused on generating renewable energy sources. We have also opted for sustainable materials when creating merchandise or packaging products and have a particular focus on preserving the environment with our workwear offering.

Furthermore, we have prioritised reducing hazardous waste output by switching to biodegradable materials or finding more efficient production methods with less waste emissions. In addition to these measures, we have been able to create opportunities that contribute positively to the surrounding area through active participation in social programs or volunteering initiatives. All these efforts have resulted in a positive increase in our brands reputation and customer loyalty. In conclusion, for Sign Design GB sustainability is a multifaceted concept that has provided both tangible and intangible benefits for the businesses, our employees, customers and supply chain alike as well as the local community.


Our employees play a vital role in the push for sustainability initiatives within Sign Design GB. To ensure that we are doing our part to promote sustainability, we are focused on recruiting and employing locally, investing in apprenticeships, offering equal opportunities, and prioritising health and wellbeing.

Recruiting from the local community is an important part of sustainable change. By employing people who live close to the operation of our business, we can reduce our carbon footprint associated with transportation, create strong relationships with local partners & suppliers and provide meaningful employment within our communities. Additionally, by not focusing on gender or other identifiers during hiring decisions, it allows us to create diversity in our workplace which leads to more innovative approaches when tackling sustainability issues.

The creation of apprenticeships is also essential for helping society become more sustainable. We have partnered with local colleges, universities and other organisations to establish apprenticeship programs that teach valuable skills while giving people real world experience they can use in their future endeavours. Not only does this create opportunities for those who have fewer options available to them, but it also helps improve the knowledge base of all employees working within our company.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we consider attitude, qualifications and skillset rather than personal characteristics such as age, gender, race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs when making hiring decisions and career progression choices. We believe in social mobility and that everyone should be given a fair chance based upon their ability rather than any other factor so they can reach their full potential while contributing positively to sustainability efforts in our organisation. We prioritise health and wellbeing at Sign Design GB to ensure that all employees can work safely together towards achieving sustainable goals without compromising their health or wellbeing. This includes having policies relating to safe working conditions & practices as well as providing access to mental health services for anyone struggling with mental health issues during their time at the company. In addition, we ensure that each employee has access to resources such as regular medical check-ups and other preventative healthcare measures so they can remain healthy for years to come while continuing their efforts towards creating a more sustainable future for our business and our planet.


Our material purchases play a critical role towards our sustainability goals and we are making efforts to ensure that the raw materials we purchase are environmentally friendly. For example, by choosing eco-friendly inks that are Green Guard certified, we have reduced our environmental impact significantly. Green Guard certified inks are free from hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds that contaminate air quality and can lead to health issues. Packaging also plays a major part in the goods and services we provide therefore we ensure that we use recycled products where practical to minimise any harm to the environment. Additionally, the use of local supply chain partners reduces transportation costs while providing an economic boost to the local economy.

Offering a sustainable eco range of products throughout each of our 8 core business areas has been a key part of our business development and we are proud to be able to offer a fully sustainable branding solution to our clients.  This includes Eco Inks, recycled substrates and green bamboo made products throughout our merchandising range. The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Audit Chain helps businesses identify potential risks associated with their production process and ensures that materials have been produced responsibly. This provides a level of assurance for Sign Design GB that our purchasing decisions are helping promote sustainability throughout our supply chain rather than negatively impacting it. Furthermore, GRS audits help us reduce energy usage, water consumption, and waste production throughout our manufacturing process.

Because we invest in sustainable material purchases, we have access to more cost-effective options due to improved efficiency and reduced waste output. This helps us save money rather than having to continuously increase spending on resources year on year. By taking a proactive approach when selecting materials and suppliers, we can ensure we are reducing our environmental footprint while still satisfying customer demands.


In the push for sustainability, it has been important for us to consider how we view and manage our waste. Waste has traditionally been seen as a necessary evil of life, but with advancements in technology and understanding of environmental impacts, there is an increased recognition that this attitude is no longer viable. To reduce waste going to landfill, we have taken a holistic approach which involved rethinking how materials are used, reused and disposed of. This included reducing consumption levels, increasing recycling products within our manufacturing processes whilst improving product durability and encouraging repurposing or upcycling of materials.

A key element of this approach is ensuring a high percentage of our waste is recycled accurately. By carefully separating materials into their categories at the point of disposal, more material can be directed to recycling centres where it can be reused for new products or projects. Additionally, Sign Design GB use recycled products to package goods being shipped and sold to consumers, we do this in many ways for example, offering sustainable alternatives such as natural fibres or compostable plastics in place of single-use packaging. We fully understand that prioritising reusing over sending materials to landfills should always be done where possible; not only does this save resources but also helps create circular economies where waste becomes an input rather than output.


We have taken a comprehensive approach to reducing our carbon footprint here at Sign Design GB. This has included the implementation of upgrades to our premises such as improved insulation and low energy LED lighting throughout our HQ building.

To further reduce our impact on the environment, building alterations have been completed so that parts of the building benefit from solar energy. Additionally, we have added low emission vehicles throughout our fleet when replacing and our capital investments programme is constantly looking for cutting edge technology which is energy efficient.

One of the most effective ways we have reduced emissions is through insulation and air sealing improvements throughout our offices and production facilities. Not only has this helped with heat retention in winter, but it has also assisted in keeping the building cooler during summer months by blocking out hot air and preventing heat gain inside our workspaces. The LED lighting refurbishment has been another great way to reduce emissions by using less electricity than traditional lighting sources while still providing plenty of light output in key areas to ensure employee wellbeing and that products are well lit during production and QA processes.

Capital investment in new machinery throughout all parts of our business ensures that we are using not only the most cutting-edge technology available on the market but also that our production machinery is the greenest in its respective field.  Low energy consumption is a benefit of this which reduces our electricity requirements.

We have reduced emissions from Sign Design GB’s fleet by switching out older diesel vehicles for low-emission greener cars and vans and this has made a considerable difference. By doing this, Sign Design GB has helped to reduce our carbon footprint further and we are currently looking at introducing electric vehicles to the fleet in our bid towards our net-zero target.

Social Value / Community

Our social value and our commitment to the community are paramount. In order to give back, we support local businesses, small and large and ensure that they are a key part of our supply chain. We also strive to make a positive impact through charity work within our area. We invest both financially and through volunteering with local clubs and associations to improve the overall social value for the entire community and its residents.

We recognise the importance of investing in our community and have taken steps to strengthen our relationship with those around us. Our donations have gone towards helping improve infrastructure, educational opportunities, recreational activities, healthcare services and more. We proudly participate in fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for various charities within our area.

In addition to financial support, we have actively engaged with local clubs and associations as well as other organizations involved with initiatives that are beneficial for the community. Through these partnerships, we aim to create a greater sense of unity by taking part in volunteer activities such as park clean-ups or donating necessities like food and clothing for those who need it most. Our involvement has helped generate an improved atmosphere of collaboration between stakeholders that can help lead to positive change in areas such as economic development or sustainability programs.

Ultimately, we truly believe that providing social value should not be seen just as an obligation but rather as an opportunity for growth – both on an individual level as well as a collective one. Our goal is always to leave a lasting impression so that future generations can continue building upon what we’ve done now for them – whether it’s through supporting local businesses, engaging with charitable organisations or investing in beloved clubs and associations so that everyone has access to a better quality of life regardless of their background or circumstances.

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