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Sustainability is an important concept for every business to consider, as it can encompass a wide range of goals related to environmental protection, social justice, and economic efficiency.

Through sustainable focused practices and activities, we have reduced our environmental impact and improved our long-term financial health. Additionally, these practices help promote the well-being of employees, customers, partners, and the local community.

We have implemented measures to conserve energy and water consumption in the workplace and have focused on generating renewable energy sources. We have also opted for sustainable materials when creating merchandise or packaging products and have a particular focus on preserving the environment with our workwear offering.

Furthermore, we have prioritised reducing hazardous waste output by switching to biodegradable materials or finding more efficient production methods with less waste emissions. In addition to these measures, we have been able to create opportunities that contribute positively to the surrounding area through active participation in social programs or volunteering initiatives. All these efforts have resulted in a positive increase in our brands reputation and customer loyalty. In conclusion, for Sign Design GB sustainability is a multifaceted concept that has provided both tangible and intangible benefits for the businesses, our employees, customers and supply chain alike as well as the local community.


Waste diverted from landfill

Years of reducing carbon emissions


Waste diverted from landfill


At Sign Design GB, our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our approach to employment. We prioritise recruiting locally, reducing our carbon footprint, fostering community relationships, and creating meaningful opportunities. Embracing diversity in our hiring decisions fuels innovative solutions to sustainability challenges, as we focus on skills and qualifications rather than personal identifiers.

Our dedication extends to the creation of apprenticeships, partnering with local institutions to impart valuable skills and real-world experience. By being an equal opportunity employer, we promote social mobility, considering qualifications and attitude over personal characteristics. We believe everyone deserves a fair chance based on ability, contributing to both individual potential and our sustainability goals.

Health and wellbeing are paramount. Our policies ensure safe working conditions, mental health support, and access to preventive healthcare measures. Sign Design GB empowers every employee to contribute to a sustainable future while prioritising their health and creating a positive impact on our business and the planet.


At Sign Design GB, our commitment to sustainability extends to every material choice we make. Opting for environmentally friendly options, such as Green Guard certified inks, has significantly reduced our environmental impact. These inks, free from harmful air pollutants and volatile organic compounds, not only enhance air quality but also contribute to a healthier workplace. We extend this ethos to packaging, prioritizing recycled materials to minimize harm to the environment and reduce our ecological footprint.

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond ink choices. Throughout our 8 core business areas, we proudly offer a sustainable eco range featuring Eco Inks, recycled substrates, and products crafted from green bamboo. The adherence to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Audit Chain ensures responsible production processes, providing assurance that our supply chain promotes sustainability. GRS audits guide us in reducing energy usage, water consumption, and waste production, reinforcing our commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing.

Investing in sustainable material purchases not only aligns with our values but also brings cost-effective benefits. Improved efficiency and reduced waste output translate to cost savings, allowing us to invest in sustainable practices without continuous increases in resource spending. Our proactive approach ensures a reduced environmental footprint while meeting customer demands for eco-friendly solutions.


In the push for sustainability, it has been important for us to consider how we view and manage our waste. Waste has traditionally been seen as a necessary evil of life, but with advancements in technology and understanding of environmental impacts, there is an increased recognition that this attitude is no longer viable. To reduce waste going to landfill, we have taken a holistic approach which involved rethinking how materials are used, reused and disposed of. This included reducing consumption levels, increasing recycling products within our manufacturing processes whilst improving product durability and encouraging repurposing or upcycling of materials.

A key element of this approach is ensuring a high percentage of our waste is recycled accurately. By carefully separating materials into their categories at the point of disposal, more material can be directed to recycling centres where it can be reused for new products or projects. Additionally, Sign Design GB use recycled products to package goods being shipped and sold to consumers, we do this in many ways for example, offering sustainable alternatives such as natural fibres or compostable plastics in place of single-use packaging. We fully understand that prioritising reusing over sending materials to landfills should always be done where possible; not only does this save resources but also helps create circular economies where waste becomes an input rather than output.


Taking bold strides towards sustainability, Sign Design GB has undergone a comprehensive transformation to minimise our carbon footprint. Upgrades to our premises, including enhanced insulation and the widespread adoption of low-energy LED lighting, are just the beginning. Building alterations have harnessed the power of solar energy in strategic areas, contributing to our commitment to renewable resources.

Insulation and air sealing improvements in our offices and production facilities have proven highly effective, not only retaining heat in winter but also fending off excess heat during summer. The LED lighting refurbishment not only illuminates key areas for optimal employee well-being but also significantly reduces electricity consumption compared to traditional lighting sources.

Our commitment extends to capital investments in cutting-edge, energy-efficient machinery across all facets of our operations. This not only ensures top-tier technology but also reduces overall energy consumption. The shift to low-emission vehicles within our fleet, replacing older diesel counterparts, has made a considerable impact. As we steer toward our net-zero target, the exploration of introducing electric vehicles to our fleet remains a key focus. Together, these initiatives signify our dedication to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Social Value / Community

At the heart of Sign Design GB lies an unwavering dedication to social value and community upliftment. Actively supporting local businesses, big and small, is not just a practice but a fundamental integration into our supply chain. We extend our commitment through impactful charity work, combining financial contributions and hands-on volunteering with local clubs and associations to enhance the overall social value for our community.

Our recognition of the community’s importance goes beyond lip service; it’s about strengthening relationships. Our donations span a spectrum, improving infrastructure, education, recreation, healthcare, and more. Engaging in year-round fundraising events echoes our commitment to supporting various charities within our region.

In addition to financial aid, our active involvement with local clubs, associations, and community initiatives fosters a sense of unity. Volunteer activities, from park clean-ups to providing essentials for those in need, contribute to a collaborative atmosphere that catalyzes positive change in economic development and sustainability programs.

For us, providing social value is not just an obligation; it’s a transformative opportunity for both individual and collective growth. Our aim is to imprint a legacy, ensuring future generations can build upon our contributions. Whether supporting local businesses, collaborating with charitable organizations, or investing in cherished clubs and associations, our vision is to grant everyone access to an improved quality of life, irrespective of their background or circumstances.