Sustainability is an important concept for every business to consider, as it can encompass a wide range of goals related to environmental protection, social justice, and economic efficiency.

Through sustainable focused practices and activities, we have reduced our environmental impact and improved our long-term financial health. Additionally, these practices help promote the well-being of employees, customers, partners, and the local community.

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Our employees play a vital role in the push for sustainability initiatives within Sign Design GB.

To ensure that we are doing our part to promote sustainability, we are focused on recruiting and employing locally, investing in apprenticeships, offering equal opportunities, and prioritising health and wellbeing.


Our material purchases play a critical role towards our sustainability goals and we are making efforts to ensure that the raw materials we purchase are environmentally friendly.

For example, by choosing eco-friendly inks that are Green Guard certified, we have reduced our environmental impact significantly. Green Guard certified inks are free from hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds that contaminate air quality and can lead to health issues.


To reduce waste going to landfill, we have taken a holistic approach which involved rethinking how materials are used.

Waste has traditionally been seen as a necessary evil of life, but with advancements in technology and understanding of environmental impacts, there is an increased recognition that this attitude is no longer viable.


We have taken a comprehensive approach to reducing our carbon footprint here at Sign Design GB.

This has included the implementation of upgrades to our premises such as improved insulation and low energy LED lighting throughout our HQ building, fleet upgrades and much more.

Social & Community

Our social value and our commitment to the community are paramount.

In order to give back, we support local businesses, small and large and ensure that they are a key part of our supply chain. We also strive to make a positive impact through charity work within our area.


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