Digital Wallpaper.

Workplaces and venues that are branded on both the exterior and interior and follow a consistent theme throughout not only make a statement to visitors and customers but have been proven to help increase employee engagement, motivate efficiency and improve job satisfaction.

A cohesive scheme can help to create and cultivate a more upbeat atmosphere, increase productivity and hugely enhance a space whilst reinforcing brand identity.

Sign Design GB offer a comprehensive range of custom wallpapers which are commonly known as wall wraps or digital wallpaper. They are extremely effective at creating an eye-catching visual and are especially impactful when used as part of an interconnected scheme running throughout your building.

Subject to image quality, we are often asked to replicate or reproduce a large image or theme that is important to a business – this could take the form of a timeline for a meeting room or reception area, aerial imagery of a business premises or photos through the ages. All of this is possible and can provide fantastic visually appealing solutions for a business space.

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