The Challenge

Worcester City Council provides essential services to over 95,000 residents in and around the Worcester area. They work with the local community and aim to create a prosperous city with pleasant spaces to improve the quality of life for everyone.  A flagship scheme for 2022 was the Riverside Park project the main aim of which was to deliver local awareness to an unusual park which is found on both sides of the River Severn and stretches the length of the City.  We were asked to design 13 signage totems to display local points of interest and key directional information. They were to be sited in the Riverside Park area and needed to be weather resistant, flood resistant & anti-vandal. 

The Solution

Sign Design GB were entrusted with the design work for this unique project which included the structural elements of installation such as the foundation of the totem base where wind loading had to be factored in. We looked in great detail at the water-table in the immediate area which was strongly affected by the River Severn to ensure that we had the correct amount of anchorage for the totems.
Once the Construction design was completed our graphics team commenced the aesthetics design and it was key that the City Councils brand guidelines were adhered to and that the content was clear and well laid out to ensure that it appealed to the widest possible range of people.
Special care was taken when selecting the colours to ensure that partially sighted persons were also able to enjoy the new totems and colour selection was also a factor in bird repellent as the City of Worcester has an issue with Seagulls.

The Results

The completed totems have been a success throughout the city and have been entered into a national innovation award competition. They have successfully brought brand awareness to the Riverside Park and have been a great tool in allowing the council to communicate and deliver key local information to the inhabitants and visitors alike.

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