The Challenge

NE Workspace is a valued client of Sign Design GB within our interiors division, having used our services previously on numerous bespoke construction and commercial office fitout solutions.  A client of NE Workspace had a requirement to transform a plain wall at the end of their office into something more aesthetically pleasing but with a functional aspect to provide some workspace value. One factor to consider was the limited budget and the client’s initial thoughts were to install an interactive whiteboard in order to hold meetings with a visual aspect for brainstorming on.

The Solution

We deliberated over numerous solutions that could decorate this wall whilst at the same time offering an aspect of commercial value such as digital wallpaper, specialist bespoke prints, illuminated signage, and 3D cut letters. Eventually we decided on a digital Display Screen to be the centrepiece of an over cladded wall. The wall was prepared initially with electrical sockets moved to a suitable location for the screen as well as fitting data points providing network access and a smart TV with touch screen functionality was then fitted. This solution provided a smart and aesthetically pleasing visual finish but with a focal point that could be used to present during meetings and provide engaging & interactive information and content whilst continuously running in the background.

The Results

The customer was absolutely delighted with the finished wall and amazed that it was achievable within their budget. The interior cladding, combined with the digital display screen provided a sleek and contemporary visual finish and the functionality of the screen has resulted in more productive meetings when displaying interactive media. When not in use for meetings the screen displays analytics for the business enabling the staff to see their KPI’s at a glance and a real-time snapshot of the day-to-day progress.
The client is using the product predominately with a Wi-Fi connection and has recently asked us to upgrade the software to enable them to mirror iPhone and iPad screens onto the display screen.
They have confirmed that time is being saved by allowing people to see pertinent data without the need for having them in a meeting room and disturbing their workflow. The business now has the capacity to hold two meetings at once, one on the floor in this space and one in their designated meeting room.

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