Pacifica Fleet Livery

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Vehicle

Fleet Livery

The Challenge

In response to a collaborative initiative with our esteemed partners, Evans Halshaw, Sign Design GB has undertaken the task of revitalizing the visual identity of the Pacifica Group fleet. With precision-cut vinyl graphics, our team aims to redefine the appearance of 50 vehicles, infusing them with a dynamic and standout new look.

The Solution

As the premier choice for commercial fleet livery, Sign Design GB brings its expertise to the forefront in this transformative project. The comprehensive solution involves the meticulous application of precision-cut vinyl graphics, ensuring a high-quality finish that not only makes the fleet stand out but also resonates with the essence of the Pacifica Group’s brand

The Results

As the project unfolds, the Pacifica Group fleet is undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis, emerging with a fresh and impactful visual identity. This collaborative effort between Sign Design GB and Evans Halshaw showcases our dedication to excellence and innovation in the realm of commercial fleet livery.

In conclusion, the Pacifica Group fleet rebranding project stands as a testament to Sign Design GB’s ability to bring innovation, precision, and dedication to every project. Through strategic collaboration and creative expertise, we’ve not only met the challenge but elevated the standard for dynamic and impactful fleet aesthetics.