TVCA Skills Academy

Sign Design GB Helps Create the Interior of the TVCA Skills Academy

The TVCA Skills Academy is a brand-new cutting-edge facility that has been established to help give the local people of the Tees Valley the best skills and training possible. Sign Design GB was asked to assist with the design and procurement of all internal decor for this ambitious project, including wall decorations, furniture, branded elements, and wayfinding signage. This blog post will explore how this collaboration came together to create an interior that reflects the ambition and ethos of the Skills Academy.

The Challenge

Sign Design GB’s involvement in the project began with a brief to help create an interior that would reflect both the ambition of the Skills Academy and its specific branding which their design team has worked tirelessly to perfect. This involved taking into account 12 rooms spread over two floors, as well as all furniture, wall decorations, branded elements, and wayfinding signage. The challenge was to assist them with creating something that was modern yet comfortable; had a professional feel; and also one that could be coordinated easily with the ‘Teesworks’ existing branding.

The Execution

Sign Design GB rose to this challenge by focusing on creating spaces that were both inviting and inspiring for students and staff. Working closely with Teesworks’ design team, they helped to create an interior solution with bold colors, modern materials such as vinyl flooring and digital wallpaper, as well as stylish furniture pieces. They also incorporated Teesworks’ existing branding throughout each room so it could be easily identified by guests or visitors. Additionally, Sign Design GB worked with teesworks to ensure that all of the wayfinding signage was clear and easy to follow so visitors could find their way around without any confusion or difficulty.

The Outcome

The result was an interior space that successfully merged modern design elements with Teesworks’ existing branding while still providing an inviting atmosphere for students to learn in comfort. Sign Design GB’s involvement in this project allowed them to showcase their expertise in installing beautiful interiors while still being able to coordinate effectively with existing branding guidelines and the clients designs. As a result of their efforts, they have helped to create a space that is truly unique yet familiar at the same time – perfect for learning environment for students looking to take advantage of all opportunities available at Teesworks!


At Sign Design GB we understand how important it is for businesses like yours to have visually appealing interiors that are conducive for learning and productivity – which is why we strive to provide you with superior design solutions every time you work with us! We are proud of our work on coordinating all interior aspects at Teesworks Skills Academy – from helping them to choose colours and materials through to incorporating existing branding guidelines into their new designs – so much so that we would love nothing more than helping local businesses like yours achieve similar results when it comes time for redesigning your own space! Contact us today if you’re interested in seeing what we can do for your business!

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