CCIS Apparel

CCIS Apparel

CCIS Apparel


The Challenge

CMA CGM Inland Services (CCIS), a prominent player in the global container depot network, recognised the need to reinforce its brand identity both internally among employees and externally with clients. Operating as a neutral entity collaborating with numerous partners across 30 countries, CCIS aimed to showcase its leadership in providing diverse container solutions while fostering a sense of unity and pride among its team members. 

The Solution

In response to the challenge, CCIS turned to custom branded apparel as a strategic tool to amplify its brand presence and strengthen employee engagement. Collaborating with a reputable apparel customisation company, CCIS embarked on a comprehensive design process to develop a range of branded clothing items that would embody the company’s core values and resonate with its diverse workforce.

The Results

Overall, the custom apparel initiative not only enhanced CCIS’s brand identity but also contributed to a more cohesive internal culture and heightened brand visibility in the marketplace. By investing in branded apparel, CCIS demonstrated its commitment to excellence and leadership in delivering innovative container solutions to its customers worldwide.