Altrad Generation Hire National Re-Brand

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Signage, Vehicle

National Re-Brand

The Challenge

We were contacted by Altrad/Generation Hire who identified Sign Design GB as a suitable contractor and partner to work with them on a project to re-brand all 28 of their depots across the United Kingdom. A key aspect as set out by the client was ensuring brand consistency throughout all locations as well as ensuring quality products were used to achieve a high-quality finish.

The Solution

Due to our national coverage Sign Design GB can provide and fit our full range of products across Great Briton, so no outsourcing in terms of material production or labour was required; this was key in terms of meeting the clients expectations. We were able to establish a vinyl colour match with the Altrad red from their brand guidelines at the early part of the design process which enabled us to confidently replicate signage solutions from one location to another with absolute consistency. Further to this several core signs were agreed with the client to be rolled out to every depot which were specifically branded and sized for installation in specific locations on sites. Due to our own staff being utilised to install these products, specified fixings and mounting holes were able to be replicated perfectly from one sign to the next.

The Results

Following completion of the depots the results look fantastic, and the client was delighted with both the finished effect and turnaround time in which they were delivered. Strong branding and consistency throughout different locations ensures that whichever depot you arrive at you know and recognise it as an Altrad/Generation Hire location. The nature of the signage utilised enabled us to remove some surplus signage which has in turn cleaned and freshened up the look and feel of the depots with now clear directional signage and information available at a glance to both staff and visitors.